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Caroline Sharp Therapies

Integrative Therapeutic Counselling

for adults, children and young people


Caroline Sharp

Online & In-Person Counselling Sessions

I am a qualified Integrative Therapeutic Counsellor with over 24 years experience in providing therapy to a wide variety of clients.  I provide a collaborative and friendly space to support you to help manage the impact of any overwhelming thoughts or feelings and make positive life changes.

Working with issues such as:-

Anger ⎮ Anxiety ⎮ Depression
Family Issues ⎮ Fears and Phobias
Grief and Loss ⎮ Loneliness ⎮ Low Self-Esteem
Obsessive Behaviour ⎮ Panic Attacks ⎮ Parenting Issues
Relationships ⎮ Trauma (past or recent)

Letting you Lead

All sessions are client led. You are the expert of your life. My role is to hold a collaborative space for us to explore your world and your challenges in the aim to find resolutions and build resilience. Unlocking your inner peace and potential.

Holistic Approach

With over 24 years working as a Holistic Therapist and Coach I bring an experienced and broad skillset to our sessions. With a blend of client-centred and psychodynamic counselling skills I strive to learn about you, your life, journey, challenges, growth and strength to support you in discovering yourself.

Online, In-Person or Walk & Talk

Sessions can be held online via Zoom or in-person at my location in Rainham, Kent. I also offers Walk and Talk sessions which are outside in nature.  For these we meet at an agreed location to walk, talk and explore your challenges in a neutral outdoor space.

Children & Young People

Play Therapy and working with metaphors has formed part of my training experience.  I am adept at working with children and young persons in a safe, therapeutic space to explore their inner world and life challenges to help build confidence and self esteem.

If you’d like more information about how Caroline can help you get in touch today.

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